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Video Streaming Solution For Any Event

Bringing your event online has never been easier!

You only tell us about your event and we do everything that is needed to arrange, launch and support the superior quality live stream for it.

Once a must-have additional feature of any professional off-line event, online streaming today is often a business saving solution for the whole event industry.

As online became the only way to attend a big number of important events, the level of organisation of the virtual space determines the quality and the status of the whole event. With SF Events you can provide an absolutely amazing and unique experience to your event's attendees to let them feel how much you care about their comfort.

Trust us with your event, and we will arrange it's online presence in a matter of days

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Your Event With Us

Far Beyond Quality

Our top-notch hybrid hardware/software solution allows you to stream incomparable video quality without upgrading bandwith. This shift in quality allows the remote attendees to easily distinguish even small texts that tend to dynamically change throughout a presentation.

It opens up a world of opportunity for the presenter:

  • the ability to stream data-rich and text-rich presentations,
  • engage in small object manipulations (laboratories, images from microscopes, circuit boards, medical surgeries, program coding, etc.),
  • see the presenters as perfectly as they were just in front of you in person,
  • and all of it at the same time on a multi-screen grid!

Easy To Start

Streaming your event live on your website is easy with SF Events. Our team of top-notch online event professionals will take care of everything that is needed to arrange the online presence of your event.

We provide several options of hosting your event's live stream. Thus we can easily embed our modern HTML5 player to any page of your website, and it will provide all the functionality available on our platform for the users of any device or browser.


Watch a real live stream

Otherwise we can create a separate website from scratch, just for the online part of your event. All options provide interface that are fully white-labelled and customised by your brand.

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Superb Set Of Features

Using our streaming platform is comfortable both for you as a host and your attendees. At any time, your attendees can pause, rewind, and jump to the very beginning if needed, and easily catch back up to live stream with the 2x speed play feature.

As a host, you can chat with your attendees, poll them, and even give them personal assignments. Also you will enjoy using simply operationable library where your participants can access all live and previously recorded content at any time. Stream recordings and any files shared during each session are backed up on servers and are easily accessible in the library.

These are only a few of the features we've developed to make your streams ergonomic and modern.

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  • Easy and Secure Payments

    Easy and Secure

    We can arrange online payments for joining your event's live stream. We build-in a paywall customized with your brand, that provides such payment models as one-time PPV, monthly or annual subscriptions, and ad-based monetization.

    In all of these cases you can rest assured that the payments you receive from your attendees are safe and secure.

    We use only strong and proven encryption mechanisms, and we also treat the personal data with maximum respect.

  • Stream From Anywhere With Just 1 Click

    Stream From Anywhere With Just 1 Click

    Our design keeps you in mind, by including the option to use our streaming hardware that is already prepared and integrated with our system, without having to purchase it on your own.

    After a short briefing session you'll be able to use it to easily capture and stream your event without the need to use a computer or integrate any other device.

    Even the internet connection is optionally autonomous, which allows you to run a premium quality live stream literally from anywhere!

  • Dedicated Stream Director

    Dedicated Stream

    We also provide an optional extended service that includes a dedicated professional stream director for your event.

    In the real time, this specialist will control and direct each video source to create professional quality live footage, not inferior in quality to professional TV broadcasts.

  • All Content Is Secure and Protected

    All Content Is Secure and Protected

    At SF Events, we reliably restrict your content from being re-streamed, copied or embedded to third-party websites as well as from being downloaded by the viewers locally.

    We use DRM, SSL and AES methods to ensure your content is in a safe place.

    To increase the control over user access, we provide you with URL token-based and password-based session control options.

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